Create a Stunning Summer Garden With These Simple Planting Schemes!

It’s no secret that most of us brits spend the majority of winter looking forward to the summer months, daydreaming about the countless hours we’ll spend lay in the sun, enjoying an outdoor BBQ feast or attending several garden parties!

Relaxing Areas Birkby - Decking and Pergolas

It stands to reason then, that we should spend a little time during those pre-summer months ensuring our garden is ready for summer before it arrives, so we can reap the benefits once the sun begins to emerge.

In this post, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can create a bright, vibrant and beautiful garden that practically glows in the sun by using Simple Planting Schemes, so pop on your gardening gloves and let’s get started!

Colour Coordination

Although it may not initially be obvious, one of the key components of a successful yet simple planting scheme is thoughtful and considerate colour coordination. Much like interior design and furnishing, an outdoor space can benefit hugely by carefully chosen colours, and where each plant sits within the garden.

Here are some quick pointers for those looking to match colourful plants;

  • Pinks, Blues & Reds
  • Red, Orange & Yellow
  • Green, White & Yellow

Grouping shades together that match creates a smooth transition of colour throughout the garden, rather than a ‘mish-mash’ that can be a little harsh on the eye once the bright sun starts to beam down on then.

Planting Styles

Geometric Waterfall - Marsden

Again, much like interior design, there are a number of approaches you can take to your ‘planting style’ to help you create a garden that suits your tastes. Today, we’ll look at formal, and informal planting styles.

Formal Planting

Formal planting is an organised, premeditated way of constructing your flowerbeds, it relies on structure and organisation.
Imagine a bedding scheme where each plant is placed to cover a specific area of the bed, or a large geometric shaped block of ground cover. The garden is imagined almost like a grid, and bedded accordingly.

Planting schemes by Ecoscape UK and Landscape creations
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Informal Planting

As you may have guessed, informal planting is a much more relaxed approach to garden planning.
There is organisation and planning involved when it comes to where to bed certain plants, however the desired effect is to imitate how plants would naturally grow when left to their own devices. This can be achieved by using flowing drifts of plants, cheeky bulbs popping up through the lawn, beautiful wildflower meadows and even bog gardens!

So there we have our simple guide to bedding schemes, while there is plenty more to learn on this subject, you can achieve so much by applying the simple principles noted in this guide. For those more adventurous why not look to create something really special using a range of contemporary products designed to add value to a property.

For help creating your perfect summer garden, be sure to contact Landscape Creations today.